Tanka Budhathoki Biography, Songs, Age, Height, Wife 2019

Tanka Budhathoki Biography, Songs, Age, Height, Wife 2019

Wife Name : Bishnu Mainali
Height : 5 Feet 4 Inch
Age : 32 years
Profession : Singer


Tanka Budhathoki Biography, Songs, Age, Height, Wife 2019

Tanka Budhathoki, the man who is always credited with his profession rather than his name, is one of the most popular and trending singers among the Nepali gMusic Lovers and he is also a Music Composer and Music Arranger. I am givin some info about Tanka Budhathoki Biography, Songs, Age, Height, Wife 2019 in this article. Hope you will enjoy it.

Tanka Budhathoki Biography, Songs, Age, Height, Wife 2019
Tanka Budhathoki Biography, Songs, Age, Height, Wife 2019

Tanka Budhathoki is blessed with a golden voice and he has touched the hearts of millions with his songs. And Tanka Budhathoki is also known as the versatile singer of Nepali Music Industry and he has proven his versatility in the field of music with his various singing style in various genre. 

I think you have already got the idea about today’s article. Yes, Today I have collected detail information of most popular singer Tanka Budhathoki on the topic Tanka Bhudhathoki Biography, Songs, Age, Height, Childhood, Education, Music Career.

Tanka Budhathoki is trending in the social media like Facebook, YouTube, etc. for his song “Mon Bina Ko Dhan Thulo Ki Dhan Bina Ko Mon” and “Timi Jasti Ramri Koi Chaina Sansar Mai” and for his social work too.

Tanka Budhathoki is on Facebook and Youtube. For Facebook Click Here and For Youtube Click Here to subscribe.

Tanka Budhathoki Biography And Bio-Data

NameTanka Budhathoki
BirthplacePachgachi, Jhapa
Date of BirthJestha 3, 2043 / May 17, 1986
Father NameBuddhaman Budhathoki
Mother NameChandra Budhathoki
Brother NameTika Ram Budhathoki
Tanka Budhathoki Wife NameBishnu Mainali
Son NameAR Budhathoki
ProfessionSinger, Music Composer, Music Arranger
Active YearSince 2063 BS
Studio NameStudio 9, Putalisadak
No. of Own SongsMore than 100
No. of Composed SongsAbove 300 – 400
Songs TypeFolk Songs & Filmy Songs
SchoolJana Adarsha Higher Secondary School, Shivagunj, Jhapa
CollegeSt. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, Kathmandu
CampusCohead College, Birtamod, Jhapa
Tanka Budhathoki Age32 years
Tanka Budhathoki Height5 Feet 4 Inch
Current ResidenceKathmandu, Nepal
Facebook Followers1,10,961 People
Youtube Subscribers8,36,483

Tanka Budhathoki Childhood 

Tanka Budhathoki was born from father Buddhaman Budhathoki and mother Chandra Budhathoki in 17th May 1986 on Pachgachi, Jhapa. His father and mother are a government officer.

And His father Buddhaman Budhathoki is a teacher in the Jhapa. His childhood was very happy and spend in a well-respected family with proper care.

This is some short information regarding Tanka Budhathoki Childhood. Hope you are getting more excited to read more detail about Tanka Budhathoki.

Tanka Budhathoki Education

Tanka Budhathoki was born in Jhapa and his school study was completed in Jhapa from Jana Adarsha Higher Secondary School, Shivagunj. His study was very good in school.

He used to become first and sometime second in every class from class 1 to class 10. Besides, the study he was interested in musical instrument also.

Tanka Budhathoki father and mother wants him to become Doctor. So, After Completed of school level study, he comes to Kathmandu in 2062 to study science faculty. He gets admission on St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar. But, Due to some issue, he gets back on the exam.

As his father and mother got the news of the exam, they immediately call him and forced to come back Jhapa. Then, he gets admission on Cohead College, Birtamod, Jhapa. He completed his +2 education from Jhapa.

Tanka Budhathoki Joined BSC in St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, Kathmandu and then after some years he drop his study from St. Xavier’s college and join in Pashupati Campus in Mitra-Park, Chabahil. This is all about Tanka Budhathoki Education. I hope you are enjoying reading the blog.

Tanka Budhathoki Music Career

At first, Tanka Budhathoki doesn’t have any intention to go in the music field. But like everyone he also has an interest in the musical instrument and listening to music on radio and television.

In his childhood, he used to play Mandal, which was brought by his father. Tanka Budhathoki said that in 2058 BS his father brought cassette player, in which he used to record the songs played on the radio. He said that he used to listen to many Nepali Folk and Filmy songs & Hindi Songs mainly songs of Udit Narayan.

But Tanka Budhathoki father and mother want him to be a Doctor, so he went to study +2 education in Kathmandu. As Tanka Budhathoki is growing from his child to a young age but also, he has no intention to go on the music field.

One day, Tika Ram Budhathoki take him in “Sharda Digital Recording Studio” to see song recording. But also, it doesn’t grow interest in music on him.

But one day, Tanka Budhathoki met Josip Adhikari, who used to play guitar. Tanka Budhathoki starts following him and after some time he started to have an interest in music. He was the vocalist and Josip play guitar.

Tanka used to teach in one school and when he got his first salary, he totally invests his salary to record 18 songs in the studio. His first song was “Phuleko Hamro LaliGurans”.

More On Tanka Budhathoki Career and Tanka Budhathoki Biography

One day, he met “Durga Rajbansi”, who supports him and offer to make the first album “Sirware Samjhana” in Rajbansi Language, which was written by Durga Rajbansi himself.

That song gets good response and feedback from many people so that he gets encouraged to work further in the music field.

After some time, his brother Tika Ram Budhathoki brought him in Apple Studio. Through where Tanka Budhathoki starts to practice arranging of music and one day, he arranges one music and sent to “Kanchanjunga FM”. When that music gets a good response from “Kanchanjunga FM” he gets more interest in music arranging.

It was the time when “3 idiot movie” was released, this is the movie which completely changes Tanka Budhathoki life. From that moment Tanka Budhathoki makes up his mind to spend his half of life in the music field. Then, he started to practice vocal, arranging, mixing and composing of music in Bikram Thapa’s Studio.

Tanka Budhathoki began to get many offers of filmy songs. His first filmy song was ‘Kina Garo Garo Hunxa’ for the movie “Zanjeer”. The song was so much popular at that time and it was also nominated in “National Film Award” for “Best Composer”. He also gave his voice in Dil, Romance, hawaldar suntali, himmatwali, Satru gate like super hit Nepali movies.

And in 2019, Tanka Budhathoki is trending on social media by his song “Mann Bina Ko Dhan Thulo Ki Dhan Bina Ko Mann” and “Chauri Ko Chamro Xurpi”, which touch the heart every Nepali people. This is all about Tanka Budhathoki Music Career from staring to till date.

Tanka Budhathoki As Social Person

Ashok Darji, I think you know about this little boy name and his song. The little boy with God gifted voice, who won the heart of every Nepali. He was a very poor child lived in Jhapa, Damak. His family life was very miserable.

 When, Ashok Darji went viral in social media with his melodious voice, where everyone was praising him. At that time Tanka Budhathoki decided to bring him in Kathmandu and record one song “Mann Bina Ko Dhan Thulo Ki Dhan Bina Ko Mann”, which went much popular in Nepali Music Industry.

The little unknown boy whose life was very miserable. Now, he is the rising idol and every single Nepali know his name and love his voice. This credit goes to Mr. Tanka Budhathoki.

Tanka Budhathoki Songs

  1. Mann Bina Ko Dhan Thulo Ki Dhan Bina Ko Mann
  2. Chauri Ko Chamro Xurpi
  3. Timle Batoo Pereu Aare
  4. Kina Kina Garo Hunxa
  5. Kaali Timro Najaraile Goli Maryo Dhichyau Dhichyau
  6. Ganti Bajyo Manko
  7. Rupai Mohani
  8. Relimai
  9. Rato Galbandi
  10. Rewan Chasma Lagauda
  11. Dui Duna Char
  12. Allare Joban ma
  13. Kasari-Kasari
  14. Jaani Na Jaani
  15. Aankha Aankha
  16. Gulti Yo Jhilke
  17. Gothalo Dai le
  18. Timle Satha Dieu Bhane
  19. Timro Ra Mero Sambandha
  20. Dashain Song and Tihar Deusi-Bhailo Song


This Much For Todays Article about Tanka Budhathoki Biography, Songs, Age, Height, Wife 2019. I hope you enjoyed a lot and also got some new information on Tanka Budhathoki.

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